it's time to put them on

it's time to put them on

it's time to put them onit's time to put them onit's time to put them on

one foot at a time 

Got Character?

We all put our pants on the same way. One foot at a time. In our task-driven, tech-enabled world, competency and best intentions will only get you so far. Today, we all need to take steps to BE better, to DO better... it's time. Time to put our big girl pants on, to step up and step out into the world as leaders: armed with a powerful mastery of empathy, persuasive self awareness and strong desire to creatively collaborate.

It's no surprise that a majority (89%) of today's C-suite leaders hold business school, science, or technology degrees and have highly honed "left brain" skills—like critical reasoning, decision-making, and results-orientation. Spreadsheets. Algorithms. Analysis. Numbers. Yet, leadership grounded only in logic and reason is no longer sufficient. A whole-brain approach is required to build diversified thinking and redefine how we lead. To lead teams today demands skills development in the 3E's - the emotional intelligence (EQ), empathy, and experimentation abilities needed to support innovation and creativity. While right-brain skills remain weakest in leadership, today there is a conscious shift underway to bridge that gap.

Over the last 20+ years, I have mentored, coached and sponsored competency and purpose-driven leaders in Fortune 100 companies. As humans, we have a deep desire to connect and motivate ourselves and others through belief in how we contribute. The workforce today and the generations of tomorrow are demanding jobs linked to purpose and leaders with strength and authenticity. I have designed a unique set of services to build the new 3E leadership skills needed to create the cognitive diversity demanded for tomorrow.

Why Me?

I can help you. Learn how to spend more time building and imprinting goodness on your team and in your life than you spend designing products, networking, or scaling growth. I will teach you how to create more "Leaders" than to "add" more Followers. You will develop a new set of skills designed to complement your analytical left-brain with the emotional and intuitive power of your right and align both with your purpose. Today, a new type of leader is needed - one who  engages people's unique' passions, principles and purposes. Organizations demand leaders who have a healthy balance of whole-brain leadership skills and the ability to act as purpose-driven role models.  Character and leadership can be learned. Purpose and passion can be pursued. All it takes is that first step toward change.

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